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Micky finally comes to the conclusion that she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Garvan goes after Kyper but succeeds only in delivering to him yet another victim. Angie Kanista has been contaminated... and is recruited by Peggy and the clock ticks even faster toward all out war. Story & Art by JAG27.
Date: 05/06/2008 Type of content: VIDEO 08:17 MIN GALLERY # 41 PAGES
Cyberian Nation Episode 5

Garvan finally gets to the core of the Senator's plans and uncovers his connection to the Assembly... and the mystery of these powerful individuals begins to unravel. Meanwhile, Micky and Ronnie manage to escape from the Abomination club with the help of Kathy, but not before Micky accepts a nannite load from Ron in an escape attempt gone awry. Peggy tries to make a deal with the Assembly, but things don't go well and things get a bit messy as her secrets also enter into the open. And last but not least, Agent Garvan squares off against Kyper, a powerful rogue mutagene who's intent on using her to breed more hybrids. Story & Art by JAG27.
Date: 05/03/2008 Type of content: VIDEO 06:53 MIN GALLERY # 34 PAGES
Cyberian Nation Episode 4

Micky manages to escape from the Tannenbaum's henchman, but not before leaving the good Doctor Kanista an interesting present to remember her by. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Peggy's bodyguard, Vinny... launch a mission to rescue the prostitute, Bubbles, from the assassin sent by the Assembly to ... her. The Assembly attempts to convert Kathy after learning that she isn't a normal mutagene infectee. And you'll be shocked as Shannon and Micky finally square off in a fight to the finish. Story & Art by JAG27.
Date: 04/30/2008 Type of content: VIDEO 07:29 MIN GALLERY # 37 PAGES
Cyberian Nation Episode 3

Micky launches a mission to rescue Carla, the very pregnant wife of Lars. Meanwhile, Shannon, the ... of Senator Tannenbaum, plots her revenge against Ronnie and the underground... using a most bizarre method. The Assembly's secret is revealed just as Micky falls into the hands of the Tannenbaum's and the demented Doctor Kanista. Faster and faster, the clock begins to tick toward full scale war as events begin to unfold against the mutagene population... and their only hope of stopping it all lies with a prostitute named "Bubbles". Story & Art by JAG27.
Date: 04/27/2008 Type of content: VIDEO 10:53 MIN GALLERY # 54 PAGES
Cyberian Nation Episode 2

In the not-so-distant future, a group of researchers successfully develop nano-technology... the use of microscopic robots... in order to "perfect" the human body and protect it from injury and disease. Unfortunately, the powers that be, don't want a perfect and healthy humanity... and so someone sabotages the researcher's first batch of nannites... the set they test on themselves... with stupefying results. When technology goes wrong... a new breed of mankind is born... the mutagenes... men and women with astounding powers and reproductive capabilities... and they'll need them all just to stay alive as the "normals" descend upon them out of hatred and bigotry. Story & Art by JAG27.
Date: 04/24/2008 Type of content: VIDEO 07:53 MIN GALLERY # 39 PAGES
Cyberian Nation Episode 1

As our story draws to a close, Doctor Ryder finally realizes he is the victim of the Langsuir's diabolical powers and decides, reluctantly, to help Hugo Channing track down the hideous creature... but not in time to save his wife... and maybe not his Cathy either. Meanwhile, the Langsuir herself sets her sights on new victims... and lovers. Story & Art by JAG27.
Date: 04/21/2008 Type of content: VIDEO 16:17 MIN GALLERY # 81 PAGES
Curse Of The Langsuir Episode 4

Cathy's transformation begins as Carl's sanity slips away. The Langsuir's manipulation and holds strengthen even as Doctor Channing and Koto discover it's devious plot. Julia endulges herself in a sick sexual fantasy that may end up costing her the ultimate price. And what's up with that corndog??? Story & Art by JAG27.
Date: 04/18/2008 Type of content: VIDEO 15:17 MIN GALLERY # 76 PAGES
Curse Of The Langsuir Episode 3

Doctor Carl Ryder begins to notice things are not what they seem as his life begins to spiral into a bizarre tailspin. His boss, too, begins to suspect something is awry as minute physical changes begin to manifest in Cathy. Can one man's love overcome the lecherous lust which grows inside of him? We grow closer to the truth behind the Langsuir even as young Cathy is swallowed by it's abominable evil... Story & Art by JAG27.
Date: 04/15/2008 Type of content: VIDEO 13:41 MIN GALLERY # 67 PAGES
Curse Of The Langsuir Episode 2

Cathy's old man is an archaeologist studying the Langsuir, an evil Hindu Vampire. While on a dig in India, he finds an ancient artifact... a statue which harbors the essence of the long banished creature. When he brings it back to the United States, his ... becomes it's ... host. Slowly, the two become toys for the beast as it seeks to resurrect it's physical being... through acts of immeasurable depravity and lust... it intends to birth itself through poor Cathy... Story & Art by JAG27.
Date: 04/12/2008 Type of content: VIDEO 17:29 MIN GALLERY # 87 PAGES
Curse Of The Langsuir Episode 1

As Angie discoveres the truth behind her virtual world, the virus continues to spread mayhem amongst the students at the school, including the cheerleading squad! Tracy finds herself taking on Ryan once more, despite the fact that her breasts continue to enlarge out of control with every moment. Meanwhile, the Dominators realize that their attempts to control the virus are failing and make plans to shut down the Network... permanently. And at the last moment, a strange ally makes an appearance... with an agenda of his own... To be continued. Story & Art by JAG27.
Date: 04/09/2008 Type of content: VIDEO 19:53 MIN GALLERY # 99 PAGES
The Dominion Rebellion Ofthe Flesh Episode 3

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